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Focus Groups

From the initial recruitment of respondents based on your precise screening criteria, to writing a discussion guide, organising venue hire, in addition to moderating and report writing, we offer a full service for your focus group requirements in major cities across the UK.

Whether you are concept testing a product, brand name or service, or if you need to gain some qualitative insight into your main quantitative research, our focus groups help to provide an in-depth understanding of your customer’s opinions and the key drivers behind them.

Our skilled recruiters will find the people you need to speak to, based on specific demographic and psychographic criteria. Our fully trained and highly experienced moderators are proficient at engaging participants in discussion and drawing out the information required in as much detail as possible.

For further information about our quantitative consumer market research or to request a cost quotation, please call Sagitta Market Research Ltd on +44 (0)7534 946 263 or +44 (0)1303 260697. Or email us at: [email protected]

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