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Translation of all your research materials

for the UK and the rest of Europe

Specialising in market research translations since 1999, our Director of Translations, Amanda Johnston, will ensure your survey materials are translated with the highest level of accuracy. A trained research specialist and qualified translator herself, Amanda understands the importance of providing accurate and directly comparable research translations.

Together with her team of experienced native translators, Amanda can provide translations of questionnaires, topic guides, research reports and presentations into the main European languages. The language combinations we regularly translate are as follows:


  • germanGerman to Englishenglish
  • french French to Englishenglish
  • spanishSpanish to Englishenglish
  • italianItalian to Englishenglish
  • dutchDutch to Englishenglish
  • englishEnglish to Germangerman
  • englishEnglish to Frenchfrench
  • englishEnglish to Spanishspanish
  • italianEnglish to Italianitalian
  • englishEnglish to Dutchdutch


Please contact Amanda Johnston for further details.