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Exit Interviews

Using our nationwide team of highly skilled interviewers, under the guidance of our experienced supervisors, Sagitta Market Research Ltd is able to carry out exit interviews across the UK.

At shops, museums, galleries, sports centres/stadiums, theatres or specific events, our interviewers are discreet and experienced in selecting target respondents. Our team is proficient in probing for the information you require, from measuring the impact of in-store posters to visitor satisfaction.

We ask our clients to arrange permission with the business or organisation in question, backed up by written authorisation, but we will handle all subsequent liaison, as required.

In addition, if you wish to check the footfall at specified locations and events, we can also provide pedestrian counts.

As a Market Research Society member, Sagitta Market Research Ltd ensures that our interviewers and supervisors are fully trained and work in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

Please contact us to discuss your research requirements further.