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In-use Testing/CUT (Consumer Use Testing)

Sagitta Market Research Ltd is expert at carrying out in-use product testing (also referred to as CUT – Consumer Use Testing) research. We provide two main methodologies for placing products:

  • Respondent recruitment and allocation at a venue, followed by telephone or in-home recalls.
  • Screening and placement at home/IHUT (In Home Usage Testing) – often simply referred to as HUT, followed by callbacks.

Respondents are carefully briefed on the testing procedure and frequency of use or consumption, and an appointment is made for the recall interview(s).

Following decades of experience in carrying out in-use testing/CUT research, we will always advise you with regard to gross and net sample sizes to account for respondent ‘drop-outs’ at each stage for multi-phase projects.

We are able to film and audio record both the usage of products, as well as the interviews themselves. Previous clients of CUT projects have included skincare manufacturers, fragrance manufacturers and kitchen appliance manufacturers, to name just a few.

Our highly experienced team of supervisors and interviewers will carry out the CUT interviews with skill and in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct to ensure your research findings provide the greatest level of detail possible, in addition to being robust and accurate.

Please contact us to discuss your in-use testing research requirements further.