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Privacy / Terms & Conditions

  1.  The Company works within the Codes of Conduct as set out by the Market Research Society. Within these codes, the Company is entitled to destroy questionnaires and other project-related documentation one year after the end of fieldwork, and computer records two years after the end of fieldwork, without reference to the client. This may be done earlier by agreement with the client.
  2. All data obtained exclusively for the client is the property of the client, but documents, questionnaires, disks, etc. on which the data is recorded, are the property of the Company. These can be made available to the client, in anonymous form, if specifically required.
  3. Invoices will be submitted thus: half upon acceptance of the quote and half upon completion of the project, except where the speed of completion suggests that one invoice for the total amount is more sensible. We reserve the right to raise an invoice for incentive payments upon commissioning of the project at our discretion, which is to be paid by return. Alternative invoicing arrangements must be agreed in advance of commencing the project.
  4. If a client cancels or defers fieldwork less than 7 days before the due date of commencement of fieldwork, the Company is at liberty to charge a cancellation fee as follows:
    4 – 7 days prior to fieldwork: 30% of total project fee
    2 – 3 days prior to fieldwork: 60% of total project fee
    Day before/day of fieldwork: 100% of total project fee
  5. If the customer cancels a project more than 7 days before the start of fieldwork, we reserve the right to invoice the customer for services already undertaken and costs incurred (e.g. planning, set-up, booking, venue hire, etc.)
  6. Invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. If an invoice is not paid within 60 days of the invoice date, then the Company will be entitled to charge interest on all amounts outstanding beyond 30 days at 3% above the current Lloyds bank national lending rate. The company reserves the right to withhold data if payment has not been received.
  7. Quotes are given subject to certain assumptions and if these are substantially changed, the Company reserves the right to alter the quote accordingly. Quotations are valid for only one month from date of issue unless otherwise agreed.
  8. All quotes are given exclusive of VAT.
  9. The client company is responsible for timely delivery of all materials required for research projects, including approval of the questionnaire and provision of the products themselves, and shall be responsible for any financial consequences of delays caused by late delivery.
  10. The copyright in any report written by a member of the Company shall remain vested in the Company.
  11. Any data based on a Company survey or contained in a report, may be used outside the client company or its advertising agencies, only with the consent of the Company. No press release or publication of data from any research conducted by the Company shall be made without the advance approval of the Company. Approval would normally only be refused on the grounds of inaccuracy or misrepresentation.
  12. Although all reasonable care and skill is taken in conducting research and preparing reports, the Company cannot accept any liability for any loss arising from the client’s use of such results.
  13. In the event of an error caused by the negligence or otherwise of the Company in any reports or tabulations supplied to the client, the Company will endeavour to correct the error at its own expense. It will not, however, be held liable for the consequences of the error beyond the provision of corrected reports and tabulations.
  14. Where products are to be tested, blind or branded, by consumers, the client company shall be deemed responsible for any claim made by consumers with regard to injury, malfunctioning, etc.
  15. The Company may, at its discretion, sub-contract part or parts of the execution of the work to outside companies or agencies.
  16. The Company shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations due to force majeure, e.g., fires, floods, storms, riots, strikes, wars or any other causes whatsoever, beyond the reasonable control of the Company.

Terms for International Contracts

  1. The client company is responsible for timely delivery of all its materials required for overseas research projects, and shall be responsible for any financial consequences of delays caused by late delivery.
  2. All surveys shall be carried out within the law or public policy of the country where the research is conducted, as well as in accordance with English law.