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Advertising Research

We have a wealth of knowledge about advertising research / advertising testing. Whether it is online or on paper , we offer considerable expertise in pre and post campaign advertising research.

Sagitta Market Research Ltd conducts advertising surveys for products such as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, food products, healthcare products and fragrances. These are carried out at central locations in the major cities of the UK.

Besides testing the ad itself with ad testing, you can test consumers’ attitude to the brand with brand testing, or their reaction to a name via name testing.

Unprompted and prompted awareness questions are handled carefully and thoroughly by our team of experienced interviewers. They probe exhaustively at open-ended questions, so that you will achieve the level of results you require to evaluate your company’s ads.

For further information about our quantitative consumer market research or to request a cost quotation, please call Sagitta Market Research Ltd on +44 (0)7534 946 263 or +44 (0)1303 260697. Or email us at: [email protected]

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