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Fragrance Testing


From fine fragrances to shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, deodorants and household products, we conduct fragrance tests or sniff tests in controlled conditions at venues throughout the UK. By using central locations where there will be no cross-contamination from cooking or other strong odours, we ensure consistent and accurate results.

If you need to test a number of fragrances (up to an advised limit), respondents can be given a smiley scale for top-of-mind liking of the scents. Specific ones can then be surveyed in greater depth, based on liking.

Our dedicated team of supervisors and interviewers are highly experienced and skilled at setting up venues and products based on strict criteria, such as creating uniform visual effects for respondents and controlled measuring of products.

We offer CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) using iPads. We also offer CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) using laptops or iPads.

We recruit respondents in-street prior to inviting them to the venue for fragrance testing. We can screen and interview a significant number of respondents in a single day, whilst ensuring we speak to a representative sample.

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