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A day in the life of a market research intern – Introduction

By Theo, Sagitta Research

I’m Theo and I am a Trainee Research Executive at Sagitta Market Research. I’ve been charged with the task of writing a regular blog to provide our readers with an insight into the day-to-day runnings of a market research agency.

Each month, I will focus on a specific aspect of managing a market research study. But first, a little about myself:

Having completed my three A-Levels within a year, I decided to embark upon an apprenticeship in Business Administration and Marketing. The apprenticeship is accredited by BPP, an independent training provider who manages and assesses apprenticeship schemes in the UK. I thought this would provide me with the opportunity to review which career path I wanted to ultimately take, as well as provide a useful qualification. It has always been an ambition of mine to start working as soon as possible and when this opportunity arose, it was one that I couldn’t refuse. I wanted to be based in a company where the work would be both varied and challenging; and in a business where I would learn about the fundamentals of business operation, as well as gain key office skills. I was fortunate to be recruited by local research agency, Sagitta Market Research, in May 2015.

I didn’t have any real understanding of what market research was until I worked for Sagitta Market Research. In the last quarter, however, I have come to appreciate that it is an interesting and diverse industry. In an average week (except there is no such thing as an average week in market research!), I could be despatching cosmetics for a product test, booking venues for a hall test, as well as printing questionnaires for interviewers and doing data entry. Sagitta Market Research works for both other market research agencies, as well as end clients. We cover a wide range of industries including: fragrance and cosmetics, farming, food and beverages, automotive, lifestyle and health – the list is endless. We do both quantitative and qualitative research too, therefore, I am learning about different aspects of market research every day. I can already see that in order to be a competent market researcher, you need to be organised, methodical, accurate, flexible and work well under pressure. Gaining these qualities will hopefully enhance my skills for the future.

In my next blog, I will go into more depth about the organisation and management of hall tests.